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Well-Maintained Triplex in Hawthorne | $925,000

Lyon Stahl is pleased to present 4239 W. 138th Street in Hawthorne, CA. Located in a highly desired pocket of Hawthorne, west of Prairie Ave, an investor has an opportunity to own in one of the most exciting and up and coming non-rent controlled areas in Los Angeles!


The subject property boasts an 8,700 sq foot lot with  4,000 sq feet of livable space. The phenomenal unit mix consists of (1) 4 bedroom/2.5 bath front town-home, (1) 2 bedroom/ 1 bath, and (1) 1 bedroom/1 bath.


  Two of the three units have been remodeled and have had only 4 months of vacancy in the passed 5 years. Each unit includes a personal garage, outdoor patio seating, and spacious units. Don’t miss this perfect opportunity to own this beauty.


This property is currently offered at $925,000. Click here to view the marketing package.

4 Units in Historic Old Town Torrance | $1,395,000

This Spanish style 4-unit building is a rare find, located in the coveted historic old Torrance district. The property has all the charm of 1920’s construction, with all the upgrades of a current day building!


The extra large units are 1,000+ SF each, with a separate formal dining room and a second bedroom that would fit a Murphy bed for guests! The units have double interior French glass doors, walk-in closets, hardwood floors, and Venetian blinds.

Apt D DR

Apt C Kitchen

Many of the kitchens and bathrooms have been renovated with new cabinetry and granite countertops! The building also has the following major upgrades: copper plumbing, newer windows, upgraded electric and earthquake retrofit structural reinforcement. Additionally, there is a washer/dryer on site and there are four private single car garages. This property is perfect for the savvy investor interested in maximizing cash flow, or the owner-user interested in the south bay lifestyle and award winning schools!


Offered at only $1,395,000. Click here to view the marketing package. Call (310) 425-9838 today for more information!


Gorgeous Remodeled Hermosa Beach Home | $1,599,000

This absolutely stunning remodeled Hermosa Beach home features 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, with 2nd floor balcony and spacious rooftop deck!




The house boasts mahogany wood floors and imported Spanish granite counter-tops throughout. The fully remodeled kitchen is a dream come true with Omega custom-built cabinets, with soft-closing dovetail drawers and cabinets. The bright and roomy kitchen includes a center island as well as two bar seating areas. All appliances are matching stainless steel Viking Professional, including a roomy side-by-side refrigerator and 6-burner gas stove.


Get ready for nothing short of pure relaxation with jacuzzi tubs as well as heated towel racks in both the master bedroom and the upstairs Jack & Jill bathroom.


In the guest bathroom you will find an exotic vessel sink, constructed of Skyy Vodka glass with a Hansgrohe fountain faucet.


Your mind will be at ease with the advanced security system, which includes surveillance cameras and alarms on all windows. The house also comes with an intercom system – no more shouting up the stairs when dinner is ready!

Crown molding and recessed lighting bring poise and polish to the entire home, while elegant hand-blown Ogetti chandeliers grace all common areas.

854 Prospect Chandaliers (2 of 3)-1

854 Prospect Chandaliers (3 of 3)-1

During the remodel, all new copper plumbing and electrical wiring were installed, as well as a tankless water heater to ensure you’ll never run out of hot water! Last but not least, the two car garage has epoxy flooring and plenty of storage space to support your hobbies.

Offered at $1,599,000.

Call (310) 425-9838 today for more information!

If You’re a Landlord, You Might Need This


Let’s say you own an apartment building, and you have tenants occupying each unit. Great! Now, what happens when one of those tenants has a major appliance break down? What if one of their guests injures themselves on your property? Who is responsible? If you only have standard homeowner’s insurance, you could be the one stuck with the bill.

Enter landlord insurance. A comprehensive landlord insurance policy will protect you from things such as property damage and personal liability, like in the above situations. It will also cover you in the case of lost rent income if your property sustains damage that prevents it from being rented out.


Additional coverage you may be able to find includes flood insurance – which isn’t always included in your standard homeowner’s insurance policy – as well as guaranteed income insurance, in case a tenant fails to make part or all of their monthly rent payment. Emergency coverage is another bonus that can cover travel and repair costs in the event that your tenant needs something fixed right away.

The cost of landlord insurance is going to depend on several factors. Generally speaking, it will cost approximately 15-25% more than your typical homeowner’s insurance. However, if you ask your homeowner’s insurance carrier about bundles, they may be able to give you a discounted rate. Your rate will also depend on the length of the tenants’ stay – the longer the stay, the lower the premium.


When your tenants get comfy, you get to save!

The most important thing to do when considering whether or not to purchase landlord insurance is to take a close look at your homeowner’s insurance policy and see exactly what is, and is not, covered. Weigh your options, and decide if landlord insurance is right for you. As with any insurance policy, it pays to do your research. Happy renting!

Remodeling: Will it Be Worth it?


Interested in remodeling to improve your property’s value? Make the right choices and you just might end up getting great returns. Cha-ching!


Not surprisingly, the most efficient ways to improve your property value include revamping the kitchen and bathrooms. The kitchen is considered the most important room of the house to have in good condition, followed closely by bathrooms. However, if you plan on redoing your kitchen, proceed with caution. Over-doing it can actually give you a lower return if you don’t improve the rest of the house to match it.

If one area is outshining the rest of the house by a long shot, you risk having your remodeling work being dragged down…as well as having a mismatched home.

download (3)

Now that your kitchen and bathrooms are pretty, what other remodels should be taken into consideration? Well, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2015 Cost vs. Value Report, a few remodeling projects you can expect high returns from are replacing your garage door, adding a wood deck, manufactured stone veneers, and adding a steel front entry door.

What about adding something strange or unique to your home, like a hidden library or sunken den? Thinking outside of the box can definitely pay off if you can find the right buyer. The problem is, though, it most likely won’t net you the kind of cash that you paid for it. Often we think to remodel just before moving, but sometimes it’s a better payoff for you to personally enjoy your efforts before moving on to the next residence.


If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these fun, wacky remodeling ideas!

Another awesome money-saving tip is to go green. Certain energy-efficient appliances and features such as doors and windows are your best bet. They will save you money on energy, but also earn you up to 30% tax breaks on specific items! How cool is that?

One last thing to consider when remodeling is that it’s extra important to make sure that you have every step of your journey planned out ahead of time. There’s no avoiding the inevitable delays and cost overruns, but a surefire way to guarantee you’ll waste massive amounts of time and money is to go into your project without first mapping it out. There are plenty of resources to help you along the way – check out’s remodeling tips for a complete checklist of what you can expect during your remodel.


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Selling? Don’t Ask for Too Much

There are, understandably, reasons why a seller may want to price their property high. Maybe you want to try and make the highest profit possible from the sale, or leave room for negotiation. Or maybe the sentimental memories you attach to the property give it more value in your perspective. Whatever the reason, overvaluing your property, though very tempting, can actually end up losing you money – here’s why.

Nearby properties of similar merit (but much lower price) will be selling left and right while yours gets no offers. Your property may have recent upgrades, or more storage space, or better parking, but the fact is that when a buyer sees a property that they feel is a better value, they’re much more likely to purchase that instead.



Let’s say you priced high to leave wiggle room for negotiators. Unfortunately, there’s a chance those negotiators may miss your listing completely because they only searched for properties within a specific price range that they would be willing to pay. Maybe you would have sold it to them within their budget, but they don’t know that – because they didn’t even see it.

One of the biggest issues with overvaluing is that it may cause your property to languish on the market. Time is money when it comes to selling your property! Once you pass the initial 30 days, your listing may even come across as suspicious if it hasn’t sold yet. You may ultimately end up having to sell for a lower price than you would have if it were priced correctly from the beginning.

images (2)

So you priced high, and your property sold anyways. Hooray! Unfortunately you still aren’t necessarily in the clear. During the loan process, the property will require an appraisal if the buyer is financing the purchase (which they almost always will). If this appraisal comes in too low, the lender may not authorize the loan unless the buyer covers the difference in cash – which may or may not happen. You certainly wouldn’t want the sale to fall through, would you?

The bottom line is, as much as you may want the extra profit, you are going to be much better off pricing your property correctly from the beginning. The selling process will move much faster and smoother, and you can save yourself some grief and anxiety!

Selling Your Property During Winter

In the real estate word, winter is notorious for being the worst season to sell your property. However, there are plenty of positives as well – you just need to know how to work the conditions in your favor.


Because there are fewer properties on the market during winter, sellers can enjoy having less competition. On top of that, you have the opportunity to make it look warm and cozy. There are few things more appealing on a dreary winter day than an inviting home during the holiday season. Make sure the heater is on, and there is plenty of lighting coming in through the windows if possible.

One of the best things about selling in the winter is that buyers are generally more serious. Those who have the leisure of shopping around, doing plenty of research, and waiting until they find the perfect fit will probably buy in the spring because that’s when more properties are on the market. Winter buyers, though, are generally on a time constraint and may be willing to make sacrifices in order to make their purchase happen faster. If they’re looking now, they need it now.

Manos entregando una casa


If you suddenly have the need to sell your property during the off season, don’t be afraid. There are still plenty of opportunities to make your property stand out! Who knows, you might just end up getting a better offer than you would during the spring.

Los Angeles is Shaking Things Up


If you own property in the city of Los Angeles, expect a letter from the city soon. No, you’re not in trouble! Mayor Garcetti has recently approved stricter regulations for earthquake safety. This new law requires that property owners in LA have their buildings retrofitted to withstand a quake – which is going to be quite a costly and time-consuming project.

California is known primarily for its beautiful weather. Its second most recognized quality, though, is its propensity for earthquakes. To most Californians, when we feel a shake, we laugh it off and go on with our day. But what will we do when a large quake hits? The terrifying truth is that sometimes standing in the doorway isn’t enough to save your life. Duck and cover may not keep you safe. Increased building safety will make all the difference.


This new action is the largest earthquake safety regulation change that America has seen. But Garcetti reminds us that he isn’t a bad guy. Over the past several years, City Council has attempted to use similar strategies to force building owners to increase earthquake safety for their buildings, but these actions have always been shot down by property owners. This time, Garcetti is standing his ground. This time he wants owners to realize that it isn’t about money – it’s about saving lives.



The city will begin delivering notices to property owners soon, letting them know what is required of them. It’s still up for debate how exactly these upgrades will be paid for. Property owners may struggle to cover thestaggering costs of earthquake retrofitting, and tenants wouldn’t be thrilled about bearing some of the costs, either. There have been rumors of tax breaks or allowable rent increases to assist owners, but things are still a bit up in the air. One thing is for certain though – LA is serious about being prepared for an earthquake.


Pending Home Sales are on the Decline

declining pending sales

Although the housing market has been showing major signs of improvement since 2008, we can’t ignore the most recent changes, which are a little unsettling. Both August and September had a decline in pending home sales, which indicates that the real estate market as a whole may once again be declining.

Usually, about 4-6 weeks’ time passes from the signing of a contract to the close of the transaction. During this time the sale is considered “pending”, and the Pending Home Sales Index (PHSI) is a great indicator of the general health of the real estate market (as well as the economy) because it can help predict how sales are going to look in the next month or so.


Businessman with binoculars spying on competitors.

The decrease in pending home sales was sudden and unexpected after the housing market had been on an upswing all year. Experts believe that thesemixed signals from the housing market are in fact normal for such a massive recovery, and we can expect the market to continue to rebuild itself in the coming months. Most likely the issue is the low number of properties on the market – prices are driven up by the low inventory, which discourages buyers from making a purchase. We can expect to see better pricing and increased sales once home builders increase construction and more sellers place their homes on the market.

For our local housing market, this would be a massive improvement for the housing shortage in Los Angeles, especially for renters. The good news is that the Single Family Rental market is projected to grow immensely in the next few years – along with its associated construction.


Between the decline in pending home sales, the lack of properties on the market, and the seasonal slow down (winter is generally the slowest time of year for real estate), we can expect the real estate market as a whole to be taking a step back in the next couple of months. However, we are still seeing signs of improvement, so this is no time to panic – we’re still in recovery mode!

Water-Friendly Landscaping


Being water-conscious is a responsibility shared by everyone in LA. One of the quickest ways to dramatically decrease your water consumption is through your landscaping. It can be hard to let go of that lush, green lawn, but rest assured that there are plenty of options available that will be equally attractive, but require much less maintenance.


For large areas of ground coverage, you can try gravel, rocks, stepping stones, permeable hardscaping, or even wood chips. In many parts of Los Angeles, you can apply for the Cash for Grass Rebate Program, which rewards residents who transition their lawn to a more water-friendly option. This program is currently inactive because of its overwhelming popularity and lack of funding, but will begin accepting applications again starting July 1, 2016.

Oh, and good news for those of you who still can’t bear the thought of not having a grassy lawn…there are several artificial turf manufacturers, and many of the newer versions are strikingly life-like. The grass can now be greener on your side of the fence. Check out SynLawn – they have such a wide variety of artificial grass products, you are bound to find at least a few that would suit your needs!



Environmentally sound gardening is actually much simpler than you might think. By filling your yard with plants native to the area, maintenance is practically zero. Those specific plants have evolved over the years to thrive in this specific region and live in harmony with the local weather, insects, animals, and neighboring plants, making them very easy to care for. Check out this list of top native plants for gardening in Southern California, courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens. Who says native plants can’t be pretty?


Converting your landscaping to be more water-conscious shouldn’t sound like a daunting task. With so many options available, there is no doubt you’ll find something you love that won’t take a toll on our environment – or your water bill!

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